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Wheeler Professional Gunsmithing Set

  • Brand: Wheeler
  • Product Code: RS-WH562-194
  • Availability: In Stock
Screwdrivers are the most important and most used gunsmithing tools. Wheeler's Deluxe Gunsmithing Screwdriver Sets belong on every gunsmithing bench. The well thought-out bit selection will put an end to burred" buggered and busted up screw slots on any gun. Unlike other screwdriver suppliers" Wheeler's engineers measured the screws on over one hundred modern and antique firearms to make sure that we offered bits for every situation. Whether you are working on a Browning® Superposed" a Remington® 700" a Smith & Wesson® revolver or a Colt® single action" you will find that there is a bit to fit every screw on your gun. The 89 piece set includes 15 ingenious specialty bits. These bits are great for installing scope bases" getting you out of a pinch by providing a small pin punch when you really need it and keeping once-in-a-while lifesaver tools at your fingertips.

54 hollow ground flat bits
Complete selection of phillips, allen, torx bits
15 specialty bits
Hex to square driver adapter