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Barnes Vor-tx 35whelen 180gr Ttsx 20

  • Brand: BARNES
  • Product Code: RS-BB35W180
  • Availability: Out of Stock
Barnes® VOR-TX® is precision ammunition loaded with the deadliest bullets on the planet. Barnes" the leader in bullet innovation offers hunters the ultimate in accuracy" terminal performance and handloaded precision in a factory loaded round. Offering double-diameter expansion" maximum weight retention and excellent accuracy" the TSX®" Tipped TSX™"  and TSX FN™ provide devastating energy transfer. Multiple grooves in the bullet's shank reduce pressure and improve accuracy. Bullets open instantly on contact – no other bullet expands as quickly. Nose peels back into four sharp-edged copper petals.

35 Whelen
2,900 Feet per second
180 Grain TTSX flat base
20 Rounds per box
Lead free